What is fertility preservation

Fertility preservation was science fiction only a decade ago, but things have evolved dramatically in recent years. Modern lifestyles have caught up with modern technology.

Thanks to IVF doctors in Mumbai, Fertility preservation treatments are now available to cancer patients who hope to conceive in the future, as well as women who have put off establishing a family owing to later marriage or a hard work.

A cancer diagnosis might not prompt you to consider your fertility right away. However, if you’re a woman of reproductive age or a man concerned about his ability to become a father in the future, it’s crucial to know that cancer therapies may also influence your ability to have children.

What are the options available for fertility preservation for cancer patients?

Ovarian tissue freezing is a therapy option for women who cannot wait 2-6 weeks to begin cancer treatment or who are unable to undergo hormonal stimulation. Ovarian tissue is surgically removed and frozen until chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy is finished. After that, the thawed tissue can be reinserted into the pelvis. It might then regain enough function to release an egg, allowing for a “natural” pregnancy. In vitro fertilization can be done with eggs extracted from the transplanted tissue.

Egg freezing is similar to embryo freezing, except those eggs are frozen rather than fertilised with sperm. Those eggs can then be thawed and fertilized if and when they are needed in the future. Egg freezing is a relatively new development, but it is no longer be considered unconventional, and it may be a good alternative for young females, women who are unmarried, or patients who are concerned about embryo freezing.

Embryo freezing is the most well-studied and extensively utilized method of fertility preservation by the best IVF centre in Navi Mumbai . Embryos are obtained by in vitro fertilization, a type of advanced fertility treatment (IVF). IVF has resulted in millions of live births in infertile women and men. Hormone injections encourage the ovaries to generate mature eggs by stimulating follicles on the ovaries. During the 1-2 weeks of ultrasounds and blood draws, the procedure is closely watched. The egg retrieval technique is conducted with an ultrasound-guided needle while you are unconscious under anesthetic once the eggs are ripe. It takes roughly 20 minutes to complete the operation. Fertilized embryos are preserved for later use when eggs are fertilized by sperm. Shortly after the egg retrieval, cancer therapies can begin.

Auto-transplantation of ovarian tissue: When cancer treatment is completed and the patient wishes to start a family, the patient’s biological stored ovarian tissue can be revived and transplanted back into their bodies. It can be implanted in the pelvic sidewall or on the surviving ovary. After auto-transplantation, the ovarian function may resume in four to six months. The best test tube baby centre in Mumbai undergoes this treatment with utmost care.

Can you go ahead with fertility preservation?

It’s crucial to consider fertility before starting cancer therapy. When speaking with your doctor about the implications of cancer therapy on fertility, ask the following questions to your IVF doctor in Mumbai:

  • Are there any other options for treating this malignancy that doesn’t put my reproductive system at risk?
  • What alternatives do I have for maintaining my fertility before, during, and after treatment?
  • Is there a chance that any of these solutions will make my treatment less effective?
  • How will I know if I’m infertile or fertile after treatment?
  • What are my choices for becoming a parent if the treatment causes infertility?
  • How long should I wait for the following therapy to try to conceive?

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