Fertility Enhancing Surgery

Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure which involves insertion of a thin telescope via tiny incision in the belly button. Through this the surgeon can have a clear view of the internal organs for various surgeries.

This procedure allows us to determine the cause of infertility. This is the gold standard investigation in terms of identifying as well as treating the cause of infertility.

At Yashoda Fertility & IVF centre, this procedure is advised to patients only after carefully evaluating the case and identifying the need for intervention. Yashoda fertility & IVF centre the fertility specialist is fully trained to do all kinds of advanced laparoscopic surgeries. Hence the fertility specialist is completely in tune with case and this helps enormously in going forward where the fertility specialist will design the individual fertility treatment based upon the laparoscopic finding. Because of this there is very clear goal oriented fertility treatment.

Laparoscopy is usually done with general anesthesia (Patient goes to sleep). With the help of advanced inhalation anesthesia drugs this procedure is extremely smooth for the patient

The procedure usually takes between 20 minutes to 2 hours depending upon how much operative corrective work is required. A complicated case could take little more time.

The woman is generally discharged home from the hospital approximately eight hours after completion of the surgery. The woman might have to take off for an additional 1-2 days from work following the procedure. Mild to moderate pain should be expected to last for up to 7 days or so after the procedure.


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