Social egg freezing (Oocyte & Embryo Freezing)

Yashoda IVF Centre strongly believes in gender equality & women empowerment thus we have very a unique & first of its kind service in India.

Fertility Preservation also known as Social egg freezing, it is a wonderful option for married women in their early & late 20’s who are career oriented & want to achieve their goals & dreams before starting a family.

Females are most fertile from the age 21 to 29 years, after 29 female’s fertility (egg quality) starts declining & as the female age progress her chances of getting pregnant goes down drastically. Also the chance of miscarriage & health issues to mother & baby increases significantly.

A women who chooses to freeze her eggs at the right age can preserve her highly fertile eggs (Oocyte) and after several years can use these healthy eggs to get pregnant, which otherwise is difficult & might have to shell out more money later.

Get fertility preservation service in Mumbai

Fertility preservation is very cost effective method gives married females freedom & mental peace, they can relax & focus on their career goals & strive to achieve their dreams. This frozen egg (Oocyte) provides insurance just in case the female loses her fertility due to various factors like getting old, Cancer, Primary ovarian failure etc. or any unforeseen accident.

Embryo – An embryo is formed when a women (wife) egg (oocyte) is inserted with Husband’s sperm & kept in a special incubator to grow & form an Embryo, forming embryo provides an extra insurance layer to the couple who wish to start a family at a later stage of their life.

Sperm Freezing – For Males similar option is available, a single Man can also freeze their sperm & retrieve the same at a later stage of life, and this frozen sperm provides insurance just in case the Man loses his fertility due to various factors like getting old, cancer etc. or any unforeseen accident.

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