Embryo Donation

Embryo formation – An embryo is formed when a sperm is inserted inside the Women Egg (Oocyte) by performing ICSI procedure.

Yashoda IVF Centre Having tie-up with India’s most reputes Human gamete Banks across the country thus getting embryo donation have become very simple, At Yashoda IVF the most healthy Egg (Oocytes) & healthy Semen sample is selected to form the Embryo, and these healthy embryos are available for donations to patients who need the same.

Other IVF hospitals take donor sperms & search for an Egg donor for months & most of time the quality of Egg taken is very bad thus resulting in a failed cycle therefor wasting money & precious time of the Patient Couple.

Yashoda IVF Centre having a full time Expert Genetic counselor & among a very few centers’ across India to have a license to perform a PGD (Pre Genetic Diagnosis) & other highly specialist Genetic test which can scan for more than 500 various genetic & other deceases.

Couples in which Husband sperm heath is not good & wife’s body is not able to create the Egg or produces a defective or a weak Egg which does not have the capability to produce a baby thus result in implantation failure or miscarriage is an ideal case for embryo donation.

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