Egg (Oocyte) Donation

Procedure brief :

At Yashoda IVF centre the donors are carefully selected, only very healthy donors below the age of 27 years are shortlisted & as all the donors goes through a series of stringent medical tests as per International Standards & only after passing all the medical test the donor is allowed to donate Egg (Oocyte).

Oocyte Donation is required in below case scenarios:-

Case I – When a female’s (wife) body is not able to create the Egg which develops into a baby after husband sperm introduction, An ideal case for Egg donation.

Case II – Female body is creating a defective or a weak Egg which does not have the capability to produce a baby thus results in implantation failure or miscarriage.

IVF Treatment Using Donor Egg

At Yashoda IVF Centre we analyzes the case of the Couples with previous failed IVF/ICSI cycles from other IVF hospitals & suggests along with the Infertility Specialist for Egg Donation. This can save patient from repeated miscarriages, the mental trauma associated & precious Time & Money.

After careful diagnosis & test reports of wife & sperm health test report of husband, the Infertility Specialist will proceed with the treatment cycle.

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