Egg Freezing

Making decisions about fertility and your healthcare, in general, can be overwhelming but is simple to understand by consulting the best gynaecologist in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. You can take action right away with the aid of modern fertility to determine whether or not egg freezing is something you would want to think about. Embryos are sperm-fertilized eggs, whereas eggs are unfertilized. You have additional choices if you freeze your eggs. You don’t require to know who will fertilize those eggs; you are free to take your time.

What Is Egg Freezing?

Oocyte cryopreservation, or egg freezing, is a rapidly developing technology that is becoming increasingly well-liked. Egg freezing is a blessing for women who must undergo radiation treatments or chemotherapy damaging their fertility. Several fertility treatments are available for women to explore if they have less urgent issues. Egg retrieval and freezing are pricy operations that present physical and psychological difficulties. Despite having a significant chance of success, it is not without its advantages and disadvantages. Choose the best IVF centre in Ulwe to freeze your egg.

Even though more and more women are choosing to freeze their eggs, the topic is rarely discussed, and there is not much information available. Additionally, doctors rarely bring it up because people view it as a private matter. Some of the essential things you must know about egg freezing are mentioned below.

No Age Limit

Legally, there is no defined age limit, although experts advise doing so before the age of 37 because, after that point, the eggs’ quality begins to decline. Although you should be mindful of your chances in each situation, this does not imply that you cannot freeze your eggs between the ages of 37 and 39. Ask to have the ovarian reserve evaluated to learn this. An ultrasound and a hormone test can help determine this.

No Negative Effects On Health

Your fertility and health are unaffected by it. But egg freezing side effects may arise, such as discomfort during stimulation therapy or infection after the puncture.

Need To Freeze More Than 15 Eggs

Even though at least 15 eggs should be collected for egg freezing, some medical professionals advise freezing even more eggs to improve the chances of becoming pregnant as some of the frozen eggs might not emerge properly. If you want to establish a personalized treatment plan, consult IVF doctors in Navi Mumbai about the possibilities if you intend to use the frozen eggs to conceive more than one child in the future.

Regarding her odds of successfully conceiving, a woman’s choice of when to use her eggs is crucial. According to current research, a 34-year-old woman who freezes ten eggs has a 75% probability of having one live birth. A 37-year-old woman must freeze 20 eggs, whereas a 42-year-old woman must freeze 61 eggs, to have the same chance of success.

Several Repetitions Of The Process Might Be Necessary

The processes involved in freezing eggs are pretty pricey. Additionally, the entire IVF and egg-using process can be physically and psychologically taxing. In India, the expenditure on egg retrieval and freezing can range from budget to very high amounts of cash. Additionally, the storage cost may also add up the expenses, so make sure to research the charges thoroughly.

You need to learn from an IVF specialist in Kamothe, Navi Mumbai how much the egg retrieval and freezing operation will cost and what their storage fees each year are based on the reputable fertility clinic you choose. You should also account for the possibility of needing to undergo several procedures to gather the necessary quantity of eggs. As a result, not everyone’s cost of gathering and freezing the same quantity of eggs will be the same.

Some women might only need one round of the egg retrieval operation to get the necessary quantity of eggs, while others might need several. The number of eggs a woman has available for collection during a cycle of stimulation and retrieval varies on various variables, including the woman’s age at the time of treatment, how she responds to the stimulation, and the amount of ovarian reserve she has.

There Is A Possibility That It Won’t Work For You

Egg freezing allows you to use the frozen eggs to conceive successfully at a later age. It is not certain that you will become pregnant. You should be aware of the risks associated with egg freezing.

Even after numerous IVF cycles utilizing frozen eggs, the cumulative live birth egg freezing success rate is only about 20% for women who freeze their eggs at age 36. Studies on using young women’s frozen donor eggs show that older women still run a higher risk of pregnancy-related issues than younger women using the same frozen donor eggs.


Although egg freezing is a beautiful retrieval method that allows you to delay parenting until you’re ready for it, it may not be the best option for many women. Don’t allow your anxiety to stop you; there are countless success stories of egg freezing involving thousands of happy mothers and their lovely offspring at the best IVF centre in Ulwe, Navi Mumbai. Make proactive decisions on when to have the children by conducting research.

You will be required to sign much paperwork outlining the alternatives before beginning the treatment. When you no longer require them, you can choose to have them destroyed, donated (only if you are under the age of thirty-five when freezing), or used for medicinal purposes.

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