How to Select a Right Egg Dono

Deciding your egg donor is one of the most intriguing – and challenging – aspects of Egg Donation treatment. You are choosing the person who will facilitate you in having a baby. It’s a truly life-altering choice. So it’s natural to be concerned about getting it “wrong” or that we won’t have any egg donors who match your preferences.

There could be many different answers to How to Choose an Egg Donor. You’ll probably want to find a donor whose genetics are similar to yours. However, you may discover that other specific characteristics are also important to you. These could include a donor’s achievements, education, personality, and hobbies.

When choosing an egg donor for IVF from outside, you must ensure that he is tested for various parameters at the same test tube baby centre in Mumbai where you plan to undergo IVF.


You may think Height, weight, hair colour, and eye colour are the first basic factors to consider when making a decision. Well, its not.

Trying to create a baby that’s completely physically identical to you is a rather unnecessary requirement.

The basic requirement is medical history. Screening for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV, and genetic disorders is essential. Screeding isn’t only important for the egg donation partner, but their family medical background too. You should also think about a donor’s blood type.

Once medical clarification is done, then you can go ahead with other aspects which can/cannot be necessary.

You may want to look into their ethnicity, religious background, or specific physical traits like hair colour, height etc. please make sure you are not participating in any type of discrimination based on these.

After you’ve identified physical characteristics, personality enters the picture. If that is important to you, you may want to look for an egg donor who has the same outlook and approach to life as you. If you’re particularly enthusiastic about a particular hobby, it can be appealing to find an egg donor who shares your enthusiasm. It adds another thing you and your egg donor have in common.

If you want more insights on how to choose an egg donor, contact Yashoda IVF centre for more details about egg donation and entire IVF process.

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