What is cost of Test Tube Baby India

Just few years ago, the term “in-vitro fertilisation,” or IVF, was regarded as a “dark therapy,” with the public’s only understanding being that it was an infertility treatment that allows childless couples to complete their families through “test-tube babies.”

People were actually unsure about the procedure and even speculated on how much a ‘test-tube baby process’ might cost! They though going to an IVF centre in Navi Mumbai would be unaffordable whatsoever.

Many people believe that because this is not a natural process, the baby will not be normal. However, even when fertilisation occurs outside the human body, once the embryo is transmitted in the mother’s uterus and the body accepts the transmission and exhibits pregnancy, it is a regular pregnancy just like any other.

Are best test tube baby centres in Mumbai affordable?

IVF is a complicated and time-consuming procedure; the overheads of IVF treatment in India is determined by the woman’s age, fertility concerns, medical history, and the number of IVF cycles she has undergone. In comparison to other western countries, India’s IVF costs are quite affordable. Because of its inexpensive cost, India is the most preferred destination for IVF treatment. Medical tourism is a rapidly rising industry in India, with forecasted growth of 200 percent by 2020.

At each stage of the test tube baby or IVF process, there are numerous procedures, technicians, doctors, and nurses and infertility specialists’ doctor in Mumbai.  Many healthcare providers offer a flat fee for each IVF round, which includes nominal costs. Treatment costs differ between hospital per hospital. However, these expenses are normally factored in per cycle.

Lab Tests – During an IVF cycle, various tests are performed, including blood tests for women and sperm analyses for males. Blood tests are needed to diagnose disorders that can influence fertility, determine hormone levels before and during cycle management, and assess ovarian reserve. After the embryo transfer, blood tests are required to determine whether or not the woman is pregnant.

Ultrasounds – This test is used to keep track of your ovaries and see if your cells and follicles are ready for recovery.

If either you utilise donor sperm or your partner’s, the sperm is cleaned and washed in a special process in the fertility lab to screen and use the healthiest and strongest sperm to fertilise your eggs.

There are also other factors that affect the costs

A woman under the age of 35 has a 32 percent probability of having a successful pregnancy after undergoing IVF treatment with IVF specialist in Navi Mumbai. So, after more than 35 years, she might require more IVF cycles to conceive. As a result, the cost of IVF treatment is directly related to your age, which you should consider while making your decision.

Frozen eggs are combined with sperm in fertility treatments. The cost of IVF in India is increased by the process of thawing eggs and transferring frozen eggs. The cost of a frozen embryo transfer ranges from 20,000 to 30,000 dollars.

Getting the best and most affordable treatment at Yashoda IVF Centre…

Yashoda IVF is one of the most sought-after facilities to work for because of the caring environment and nice work culture. The majority of our nurses / Sisters have over 5 years of expertise in reproductive medicine.

IVF is a series of procedures that includes ovarian stimulation, egg harvesting, and embryo transfer. Each procedure’s price may vary, and it will include the costs of laboratory tests, ultrasounds, and medications. As a result, an aspiring couple considering IVF should always inquire about the cost of fertility medications, blood tests, follicular surveillance, and ultrasound as part of the treatment package. Inquiring about such factors before beginning the IVF procedure might save you a lot of money on medical expenditures.

But at Yashoda IVF centre in Navi Mumbai, all services are provided under one umbrella brand, making it highly convenient for patients and their relatives. This eliminates the trouble of hopping from one hospital to the next with no coordination. It not only saves the patients’ valuable time, but also the mental tension, suffering, and irritation that comes with travelling to several locations. We are the best test tube baby centre in Mumbai providing the best facilities at the most affordable rates.

At Yashoda, you get the best IVF treatment at just Rs 95,000 with all-inclusive costs. We encourage you to reach out to us to help you make a package that suits your requirement and doesn’t put a hole in your pocket!

Our mission is to make advanced fertility options accessible and affordable to every couple in India, based on our more than 15 years of experience in the field of providing fertility solutions. With our treatments that can medically and naturally facilitate the process of reproduction, we envisage a kid being fostered in every family.

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