What Are the Impacts of Endometriosis on Fertility

If you have endometriosis, you may be concerned about a variety of issues, from how to manage the reportedly excruciating pain to how the condition may affect your fertility. Though data vary, some estimates show that 30 to 50 percent of people with endometriosis are infertile. However, your chance of conceiving is diminished but not gone. If you ask us Does endometriosis affect egg quality? Yes! It’s true! But it’s not impossible to conceive.

However, if a lady with endometriosis is unable to conceive after six or seven months of trying on her own, we may urge her to come in for an infertility consultation to check if her endometriosis is contributing to her infertility. In contrast, we would advise a typical low-risk lady to attempt for one year before obtaining reproductive aid.

That is why you have test tube baby centres in Mumbai. Let’s discuss in detail about endometriosis and then lets tell you what is the way out!

Does endometriosis affect egg quality?

The lining of the womb is called the endometrium. It’s natural for it to develop and shed, and that’s true particularly when you get your period. Nevertheless, if endometrial tissue originates outside the womb, such as in the ovaries, there is no mechanism for it to be shed, so it stays and can cause scarring.

Endometriosis development or scar tissue adhesions can injure the ovaries or Fallopian tubes, hinder the flow of eggs via the Fallopian tubes, or prevent sperm from reaching the egg, to name a few possibilities. But it could be a little more nuanced than that—there could be a deeper link between endometriosis and egg quality.

Infertility specialist in Navi Mumbai tells Endometriosis is evaluated using a stage system:

There are a few small endometriosis implants (specs) and no scar tissue visible in stage I endometriosis (minimal disease).

Endometriosis stage II (minimal disease): There are more endometriosis implants, but the abdomen is just 2 inches long and there is no scar tissue.

Stage III endometriosis (moderate disease): There is a lot of endometriosis in the abdomen, which can be deep and cause pools of endometriotic fluid in the ovaries (chocolate cysts or endometriomas). Scar tissue surrounding the tubes or ovaries is possible.

Endometriosis, stage IV: Endometriotic implants, maybe huge endometriotic cysts in the ovaries, probable scar tissue between the uterus and the rectum (lower part of the intestines), and surrounding the ovaries or fallopian tubes are all possibilities.

Endometriosis can create tubal damage and make it difficult for sperm to move via the fallopian tubes, preventing the egg and sperm from meeting in the most severe cases.

When endometriosis affects the ovaries, it can produce ovulatory irregularities and disrupt the menstrual cycle’s regularity.

Endometriosis can also reduce the quantity and quality of eggs produced.

Of course, every scenario is different, and you should talk to your doctor about how your endometriosis can affect your chances of getting pregnant before you start trying.

With that said, folks who are experiencing difficulty conceiving due to endometriosis can seek help from a variety of sources.

Finding the way out…

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