You might have done a cleanse, started a fertility diet, and stopped all the harmful habits, including smoking, if you have been trying hard to get pregnant. But it could be time for a simple blood sugar test to tell you what the exact problem is. The number of type one and type 2 diabetes patients have been increasing over the past few years, and this has resulted in more researchers and doctors being encouraged to check the diabetes levels, which can be a leading cause of infertility in both men and women. If you think you have diabetes issues, then you can connect with an infertility specialist in Navi Mumbai.

How does Diabetes affect male fertility?

The experts at IVF Clinic in Ulwe suggest that Diabetes can affect male fertility to a great extent. Having Diabetes does not make you inevitably infertile, but it can surely make you less fertile in some manners. Diabetic men are generally found to have some sexual issues, including retrograde ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. It can lead to different problems while trying to conceive, and there is also a chance of losing interest in sex after a few tries.

The sperm quality of a diabetic man has been found to be lower than an ordinary man. It was found in research that compared the sperm quality between diabetic men and ordinary men.

Type one diabetes and male fertility

Type one diabetes affects male fertility. Under this type, the body of a man attacks its own insulin-producing cells as per the best gynecologist in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. which makes it worth challenging for blood sugar regulation. It will result in the man supplementing the daily insulin needs of the body with an external dosage. Type one diabetes is the most dangerous type of Diabetes, and men who have this condition generally need special care from the doctor to impregnate their partner.

Type 2 diabetes and male fertility

Type 2 diabetes is one of the most common types of Diabetes and is generally caused due to insufficient production of insulin by the body. However, it is actually easy to control, and you will be able to make a change in your body by just controlling your diet and exercising.

What do you need to know about Diabetes and female infertility?

The experts that offer IVF treatment in Navi Mumbai say that Diabetes of both kinds can cause infertility in women. But the woman can conceive after perfect glycaemic control. Diabetes can make it challenging for women to stay pregnant, especially if they have a long history of it. It causes a lack of glucose control in the body which could make the implantation of the fertile egg in the uterus challenging. Additionally, diabetic women might be obese, which contributes to the problem altogether.

Does Diabetes affect fertility in females?

Yes, IVF doctors in Mumbai claim that it affects fertility in females. However, females with type 2 diabetes have issues that can be altered by making lifestyle changes which include a healthy diet and more exercise.

It also causes polycystic ovary syndrome, by which several cysts are developed on the ovaries. It leads to an irregular menstrual cycle and an increased amount of testosterone produced in the body, which reduces the fertility rate. People who have type 2 diabetes are most likely to suffer from the PCOS problem. Type one and type 2 diabetes are mainly associated with irregular menstrual cycle. In case of the absence of a menstrual cycle, women might have a regular menstrual cycle, after which there will be a stop in getting the cycle for at least six months. Premature menopause is also one of the significant elements that affect type 2 diabetes. By premature menopause, women might reach the stage of menopause before even the touch 40. In some cases, It might prevent women from getting pregnant, but it might be a case where it prevents the embryo from implanting in the uterus, leading to miscarriage.

If you are looking forward to the best Diabetes infertility treatment, then you need to look no further as experts at Yashoda IVF Centre have got your back. Experts here suggest that you first check your blood glucose levels. There are some medications that improve the blood flow to the reproductive organs and help strengthen the nerves, which will reduce the chances of erectile dysfunction.

Women who are obese can start reducing their weight, and it also would be recommended to consume some medications to increase the chances of conception. One can begin to control the sugar levels at least three months before they wish to get pregnant. It is generally recommended to go for daily injections to increase insulin for people with type one Diabetes. Above all, men and women need to follow a proper diet to stay healthy.

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