Frozen Embryo Transfer

FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer)

Procedure summary – As the name suggests, previously frozen embryos (extra embryos from previous fresh cycle) are thawed (Un-frozen) & The IVF specialist & the Embryologist transfer the embryos in the female womb.

When in the fresh cycle multiple embryos are formed, after one or two embryos maximum are transferred to the womb, the extra embryos are frozen & kept in cold storage.
It is known that, transferring more than 2 embryos has high risk of multiple pregnancies like triplets or quadruplets which are life threatening for the woman and future babies.

Frozen Embryo Transfer has become preferred choice of not only the IVF specialist but also patients’ as it has some advantages over fresh cycle;

1) Cost saving – As the frozen embryo is used from the previous cycle thus a lot of money is saved on stimulation by not using the injections which is significant part of the cost.

2) Time Saving – As compared to fresh cycle the timeline is much faster saving precious time of the patients as the fertility clock keeps ticking.

3) Better chance of pregnancy – with frozen embryo transfer, the cumulative percentage of getting pregnancy increases as compared to fresh cycle.

Frequently Asked Questios

1. What are the success rates for frozen embryo transfers?

Often the success rate of FET (Frozen Embryo transfer) is better than a fresh cycle because the doctor has the time in hand to prepare the lining of uterus (endometrium Which holds the embryo – implantation) before the transfer with the help of various interventions & medicines.

2. Is freezing of embryos is safe for embryos?

Yes the freezing (cryopreservation) of the embryo is completely safe. The technique of freezing (cryopreservation better known as vitrification) technique is perfected over time & time by many research scientist & research companies. Various researches have been done to study the effects of freezing on the embryo & none of them have reported any drastic adverse effects on the embryo.

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