5 Causes and Symptoms of Miscarriage

Before we start our discussion about the causes and symptoms of miscarriage, it is essential to talk about what is a miscarriage. However, why it is also important to talk about this is because they happen so early in the pregnancy, many miscarriages go unnoticed or unreported.

When an embryo or foetus dies before the 20th week of pregnancy, it is called a miscarriage. Miscarriage is most common in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Miscarriage is technically known as spontaneous abortion, which refers to spontaneously occurring events rather than medicinal or surgical abortions. It’s crucial to know that miscarriage isn’t your fault. While many parents may not publicly admit to having one, know that it happens far more frequently than you might think.


Some of the leading best gynaecologists in Navi Mumbai and across the world have found some common causes of miscarriage.

Miscarriage is most commonly caused by a pregnancy that is not developing normally. The procedure of creating a baby from a female and a male cell is quite intricate. The pregnancy will come to an end if something goes wrong with the process. Miscarriages are more common in older women than in younger women, owing to the increased prevalence of genetic abnormalities with age.

An embryo (fertilised egg) with the incorrect number of chromosomes causes about half of all miscarriages. This frequently occurs by coincidence rather than as a result of a genetic issue handed on from parent to child.

There could be a chance of cervical insufficiency. When your cervix opens (dilates) too early during pregnancy, usually without discomfort or contractions, this is known as preterm labour. During labour and delivery, contractions occur when the muscles of your uterus become tense and then relax to help push your baby out.

Miscarriage can be caused by sexually transmitted infections (STIs). However, it is best to reach out to a doctor to know your cause.


– The number one sign of an early miscarriage is cramping with spotting.

– Bleeding during pregnancy is one of the most common miscarriage symptoms, and it should always be brought to a doctor’s notice.

– In early pregnancy, pain can be another symptom of miscarriage. This pain can originate in the belly, pelvis, or lower back, and it can range from mild and aching to cramping similar to that of a period.

– You may pass large clots as a result of the bleeding.

– Reduced activity of your baby is another possible late miscarriage symptom. Keep an eye on their activity levels, and notify your doctor if you detect a sudden or abrupt drop in activity.

– Any pregnant symptoms you were experiencing, such as nausea and breast tenderness, vanished.

If you have any concerning symptoms, regardless of how far along you are in your pregnancy, call your doctor. ” It’s far preferable to call and be assured that there’s nothing to be concerned about than to not call and miss anything crucial.


If after many attempts, you are facing many miscarriages you might want to go for an infertility check-up.

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