IVF treatment during the Covid-19

According to studies and the best IVF centres in Mumbai, the risk of COVID infection in a pregnant woman is the same as in a non-pregnant woman. Furthermore, there is minimal evidence that pregnant women can spread COVID infection to their unborn children.

COVID-19 is highly unlikely to disrupt your pregnancy based on these facts. So why do you have to worry about delaying your IVF treatment during the COVID19 pandemic?

IVF TREATMENT AT best IVF centres in Mumbai during COVID 19

We, at Yashoda IVF centre in Mumbai, understand your anxieties and concern relating to your IVF procedure during COVID 19 pandemic.

However, the majority of women of reproductive age do not fall into the high-risk category. As a result, COVID should not be used as an excuse to postpone IVF consultation and treatment. But we do understand the risk of contracting the infection, for which many of the globally specified safety precautions have been implemented.

Therefore, we have laid down comprehensive and transparent protocols for IVF during COVID 19. Some of our general precautions and guidelines include:

  • Teleconsultations are used for the initial and follow-up consultations to reduce contact.
  • In both the outpatient department and the inpatient operation theatres and labs, special air cleaning and sanitization systems have been installed. COVID transmission to couples, doctors, employees, embryos, eggs, or sperm is reduced as a result.
  • Telemedicine is utilized to minimize the physical presence of patients at the centre in order to avoid unnecessary visits and staff-patient contact.
  • Medical staff is exclusively trained for COVID 19 protocols.
  • In line with the national guidelines, masks, PPE kits, and other safety shields are used by each one at the centre.
  • We have rigidly followed all the recommendations by ICMR – the Indian Council of Medical Research.


  • The patients, partners, and potential donors are advised to self-isolate themselves from the start of ovarian stimulation treatment until the planned IVF procedure is completed as recommended by IVF doctors in Mumbai and ICMR.
  • Patients who become Covid positive during ovarian stimulation should be advised to postpone the treatment and cancel the ovarian stimulation cycle according to ICMR.
  • Patients who become Covid positive after oocyte retrieval but prior to embryo transfer should be advised to postpone the treatment and freeze all their embryos for future use.


Life is gradually returning to normalcy. There are certain concerns, particularly when patients consider pregnancy, but safeguards combined with counseling provide them with the necessary evidence points to proceed.

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