Despite the fact that advances in medical technology have enabled many couples to achieve their ambition of becoming parents through IVF, they always wonder if their newborn child will be healthy.

Gynaecologists in Navi Mumbai are often questioned about the health of the child born through this process that are related to their premature birth, physical defects and mental abilities.

The majority of individuals feel that babies born through assisted reproductive technologies are less healthy than those born normally. However, scholars from all across the world are working hard to dispel such myths. They’ve given a slew of research-backed materials that don’t appear to back up the allegation that IVF infants aren’t as healthy as those born naturally.

In terms of physical characteristics and mental aptitude, IVF offspring are comparable to other youngsters. They are also born as normally as other children.
While it is true that the embryo is implanted into the uterus of women through the cervix by an infertility specialist in Mumbai, the process of women becoming pregnant afterwards is as normal as it is in the event of sexual intercourse between partners. It’s important to note that ART stands for Assisted Reproductive Technology, not Artificial Reproductive Technology, and is used throughout IVF therapy.
You must understand that the phases that follow the embryo or embryos being implanted in the uterus are identical to natural conception. So, if you think about it, you’ll realise that the health of an IVF baby is not in any way jeopardised.

Congenital birth abnormalities and neurological abnormalities could be more common in IVF babies than in traditionally born infants. Autism or other learning disabilities can occur in offspring conceived using IVF or other assisted reproduction techniques.

Male or female fertility, as well as the parents’ age, maybe factors causing congenital anomalies. The problem isn’t with the IVF treatment in Navi Mumbai.

After considering all of the information presented, an IVF procedure may appear dangerous, yet it is still worthwhile. It’s an opportunity for couples who haven’t been able to conceive normally.

It’s worth noting that the majority of babies produced through IVF are completely healthy, both physically and intellectually, ensuring the procedure’s success. If you take the measures recommended by your IVF specialist, you can give yourself a bundle of joy and happiness, which is exactly what you wanted.

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