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We don’t consider invasive marketing; we are encouraged by patient happiness, which is the standard critical reason for our accelerated growth.

Each patient is her personal, most reliable advocate. Sadly, due to the enormous volumes of misinformation given online, there is uncertainty regarding healthcare offering and operations. For this purpose alone, we always advise patients to get another opinion wherever feasible. For a complimentary meeting, feel free to Contact Us, and one of our experts will get back to you concerning the therapy choices obtainable.

Our goal is to teach patients by implementing evidence-based knowledge on the best strategies available. We have installed quality labels at each level such that healthcare is fulfilled seamlessly and of supreme quality. We aim to be an experience rather than just another visit to the hospital.

We are pleased to say we are your most proper choice to achieve parenthood because of our experience. Our infertility specialist in Navi Mumbai have years of experience in administering issues in sterility and laparoscopy. For a complete list of all fertility services provided at our Yashoda IVF Hospital, dig more on our website.

Our Laparoscopic Experts are board-certified, great quantity consultants. Improved medical volume is principal because it progresses and maintains expertise in any field of surgery. Our surgeons guide in accentuating newer high-level procedures in laparoscopic surgery and have completed innovative strategies to lessen blood loss while surgery, like dual uterine artery ligation procedure, bag morcellation, scarless operation, etc. For a comprehensive list of all laparoscopic methods offered at our centre

Gratitude to innumerable hours of dedicated practice in the various suturing procedures, our infertility specialist in Navi Mumbai have significantly decreased the number of complexities. They have the wisdom to deal with any emergency laparoscopically. In contrast, a general OB-Gyn might resort to an open procedure.

Our operation sectors are provided with state-of-the-art technology par with international standards. Studies have shown that surgeon stress levels play a critical role in the outcome of surgery. Our OTs are ergonomically created with all the most advanced equipment in our armamentarium, and operators can perform systems without bothering about theatre times.

We firmly believe in reliable reporting. Our in-house radiologist reviews with our fertility professional and embryologist daily. This provides us tremendous authority over follicular monitoring and inter-department collaboration, treating us to achieve high fertility completion rates.

We encourage our patients “pain-less” operation gratitude to our team of anaesthetists who are specialists at effort administration. Our operations are termed “scar-less”, wherein our consultants can fulfil even the most complex systems with the fewest number of cuts as possible.

We have one-to-one nursing for all our in-patient infirmary. All our pharmaceutical, paramedical, and assistant staff members are respectively equipped to perform the most superior patient care level.

Being one of the best infertility centres in Navi Mumbai, we are proud of our IVF to live birth speeds, which have consistently been one of the highest. Though, could you not get our message for it? Please do your part of the analysis and have a look at our centre

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Get the best IVF Treatment at just Rs. 95,000/- (All Inclusive)

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    Our fertility doctors & IVF specialists

    Dr. Balasaheb Khadbade

    Dr. Balasaheb Khadbade is one of the leading Gynaecologists in Navi Mumbai. He is the Medical Director for Yashoda IVF Centre. & Director of post graduate institute for obstetrics & gynaecology

    Dr. Balasaheb Khadbade has been practicing for more than 15 yrs, he has dedicated his life to serve the noble cause of women healthcare and he is well known for friendly & being a good listener, along with his expert knowledge which makes patients feel very comfortable.

    Dr. Balasaheb Khadbade believes in sharing the knowledge not only with patients but also with the fellow doctors, which explains why he has been delivering numerous lectures, presentation in various Medical conferences & seminars for various young doctors aspiring to become a fertility & IVF specialist. His Vision has lead the Hospital to offer a state of the art IVF Clinic, IVF Laboratory, Sonography Centre, Laparoscopic Surgery & maternity care all under one roof, which makes it extremely convenient for the patients & their relative thus eliminating the hassle of running from one hospital to another with no coordination.

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