About Us

Yashoda Fertility & IVF Centre

Yashoda IVF Centre, is an Advanced & State of Art Fertility & IVF Centre in Kamothe, Yashoda IVF Centre has been serving people for more than 10 years.

With Dedicated IVF Expert Fertility specialist with 15 years of experience in the field of Infertility & Women health, and a whole team of Trained & experienced staff who are committed towards helping & serving our patients.

Our commitment towards health care to infertile couples & women healthcare, has led to numerous healthy babies, apart from helping thousands of couples to have their own children by natural means.

Yashoda IVF Centre is one of the very few Hospitals to offer;-

  • State of the art IVF Clinic
  • IVF Laboratory
  • Egg (Oocyte) & Embryo Donation services
  • Sonography Centre
  • Fertility Enhancing Laparoscopic Surgery Centre
  • Maternity care Hospital 

All under one Umbrella Brand, this makes it extremely convenient for the patients & their relative thus eliminating the hassle of running from one hospital to another, with no coordination. It not only saves precious time of the patients but also the mental stress, agony & frustration of travelling to various places.

Our Doctors

Team work & delivering advanced services with great patient care sets Yashoda IVF Centre class apart from other normal IVF hospitals / Centres.

Going over & above just the traditional work experience, our every employee goes through stringent norms & filtering process before joining, Only Employees (Sister / Nurses & doctors etc) who have passion towards patient care are selected to be a part of Yashoda IVF centre Family.

The employee caring environment & friendly work culture makes Yashoda IVF one of the most sought after hospitals to work with. Most of our nurses / Sisters are having more than 5 years of experience in the field of reproductive medicine.

Dr. Balasaheb Khadbade

Medical Director – Yashoda Fertility & IVF Centre & Yashoda Hospital
  • M.D, MBBS
  • IVF Infertility Specialist
  • Obstetrician & Gynaeocologist
  • Ex Asst. Professor MGM Medical College & Hospital
  • Executive Council Member, Navi Mumbai obstetrics & gynecology Society

Dr. Balasaheb Khadbade is one of the leading Gynaecologists in Navi Mumbai. He is the Medical Director for Yashoda IVF Centre. & Director of post graduate institute for obstetrics & gynaecology 

Dr. Balasaheb Khadbade has been practicing for more than 15 yrs, he has dedicated his life to serve the noble cause of women healthcare and he is well known for friendly & being a good listener, along with his expert knowledge which makes patients feel very comfortable.

Dr. Balasaheb Khadbade believes in sharing the knowledge not only with patients but also with the fellow doctors, which explains why he has been delivering numerous lectures, presentation in various Medical conferences & seminars for various young doctors aspiring to become a fertility & IVF specialist. His Vision has lead the Hospital to offer a state of the art IVF Clinic, IVF Laboratory, Sonography Centre, Laparoscopic Surgery & maternity care all under one roof, which makes it extremely convenient for the patients & their relative thus eliminating the hassle of running from one hospital to another with no coordination.

Call : 720-8485-474 (IVF & Fertility Only)