What are 5 tips for nursing care of the newborn baby

The birth of a child is a moment of great excitement for families, but it is also a period of significant change. Family rituals are in transition, and both the mother and the infant are through complicated physiologic changes. This period of immediate care is critical for the newborns’ future well-being and adaption. Only skilled labour and delivery combined with quick management of problems can avert about half of newborn death. 75 percent of current baby fatalities may be avoided if adequate newborn care was continued in the postnatal period.

Therefore, it is crucial to stay in regular touch with the best gynaecologist in Navi Mumbai on how to take care of a baby boy or girl.

Nursing care of newborn baby: Ultimate tips and Prescription

Here is some general list of how to take care of a baby boy or girl. These are general tips, and you should always consult your own doctor before following any tips for special suggestions according to the health of your baby.

1.Hold the baby right:

While holding your infant, it’s critical to make sure you’re supporting her head and neck with one hand. This is due to the fact that her neck muscles are not yet strong enough to support her head on their own. The backbone is likewise still developing and strengthening. Only after 3 months of age will the neck be able to support the head on its own. As a result, when caring for a newborn baby, remember to support your kid’s head and neck.

2.Diaper changes and methods:

While caring for a newborn baby after childbirth, replacing diapers on a regular basis is critical. If your child is receiving enough breast milk or formula, she should wet 6 to 8 diapers per day and have regular intestinal movements. Her diaper should be changed regularly, as soon as it feels moist. It’s possible that you’ll have to change it at least 10 times per day. You’ll need a changing sheet, mild diaper wipes, diaper rash ointment or baby powder, and new diapers to change a soiled diaper. Clean your baby girl from front to back rather than back to front to minimize UTI. Allow your infant to go for a few hours each day without wearing a diaper.

3.Early Communication:

Soft tones and ‘baby talk’ are the best ways to communicate with your infant. The newborn should be communicated with by the father, mother, and other caretakers. You’ll discover that she can hear you and will begin to memorise and copy your words soon after. Soothe, stroke, and hold your infant gently. Your infant will be soothed and content to be carried and caressed.

4.Bathing routines:

Sponge Every day, bathe your kid where he is dirty, which is usually around the face, throat, and diaper area. Bathing newborns once or twice a week is sufficient; bathing them more frequently can cause dry skin.

5.Regular Massaging:

Massage is a wonderful method to bond with your child. It also aids in the relaxing of the baby’s sleep, as well as the improvement of blood circulation and digestion. On your hands, apply a small amount of baby oil or lotion. After that, touch her body lightly and rhythmically. When stroking the baby’s body, make eye contact with her and chat to her. It’s a good idea to massage the infant before she takes her bath.


Parenthood is a special experience. As new parents, you will make mistakes and learn from them. So don’t be hard on yourself! Enjoy the process of the most beautiful experience of your life!

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